The Art of Ramona

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pizza-pansexual asked: So I'm real young, and I don't even graduate high school until 2018, but I was wondering what to take in high school and college to become a cartoonist/animator? Thank you so much!

Hmmmmmm… art I think? Though a lot of art courses are crap in highschool. Photography helps you with composition, which is uuuubber important! hmmm, and acting classes! Acting helps more then you might think. 

(I hope I didnt answer this too late!)

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Lovely art! May I ask for advice on how to vary facial structure in character design? Especially female characters? Thank you~!

Thank you! I apologize if Its been a million months since you asked this!

Personally I dont do a great deal of different female faces… which is bad, because the more variety the better. Im a bit of a sucker for the disney formula. BUT a good exercise to do would be to look up some of your favourite artists, and try theirs out, as well as doodling all sorts of shapes. Most of them might look like crap, but you never know, you could find your new favourite way to draw ;) 

A couple of my favourite artists areee…. Toby shelton, because UNF! Beautiful! John Nevarez (great for face shapes!)

Anyway, good luck! Practice, practice, practice!